Museum Board, Members & Sponsors

The Wurtsmith Air Museum appreciates our dedicated volunteers, members, veterans and sponsors that help preserve the history of
aviation in Northeastern Michigan and Wurtsmith Air Force Base.






If you would like to volunteer at the Museum, please send us an email






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Wurtsmith Air Museum Board Members 


Don Gauvreau


Kelly Green


Judy Shuler


Rose Mary Nentwig



Ray Marchionna

Harry McCown

Chuck Shuler

Rick Hawn


Wurtsmith Air Museum Members

Albertson, Dean C.
Boergert, Sue
Boykin, Gayle Munroe
Brown, Ray
Buccellato, JJ
Church, Jean-Sebastian
Cohassey, David
Cohassey, Rebecca
Cole, Gary
Combs, William
Copland, Richard
Crone, Patricia
Davis, Steven
Deeg, Ronnel D.
Delamerens, Paul
Desilets, William
Dunn, Jenny
Erb, William G.
Gadd, Karen
Gauvreau, Mary
Gauvreau, Sharon
Goldstrom, Chuck
Goslee, Charles
Goyne, Brant
Green, Kelly
Green, Austin
Green, Garrett
Hansen, Bob
Hausch, M. Delores
Havel, Jeanette
Hawn, Marianne
Hawn, Ray
Hawn, Reba
Hendricks, Garry
Hernes, Cheryl
Kellan, Gary
Koenig, Daron
Koenig, Patti
Luck, Lee


Maestro, Dr. Calvin J.
Maestro, Wendy
Marchionna, Ray
McCown, Linda
Nentwig, Rose Mary
Nentwig, Shelly
Nolan, Don
Norton, Sandra
Oakes, Robert
Phinney, Carroll J (Jim)
Rouse, John
Scanlon, John F.
Scheans, Alvin
Sexton, Joey
Shuler, Chuck
Shuler, Judy
Sweet, Sanford
Syme, Thomas R.
Tasior, Robert
Taube, Janet Schoeffler
Trembath, Don
Trojan, Dave
Weathers, Ken
Wiltse, Dean
Wright, Billie L.

Wurtsmith Air Force Base Veterans


Alto, Reks
Boergert, John R (Dick)
Boykin, Kenneth Stuart
Brandon, Jerry
Buie, Bo
Clare, Wes
Cowan, David
Crips, Douglas
Curwin, Frederic N.
Diesing, Daniel D
Ducher, Marion
Gadd, Dale
Gauvreau, Don
Gee, Jack V.
Hawn, Rick
Hernes, Burnett
Holcomb, Rod
Imre, Andrew
Landel, Gary L
Luthmann, Jimmy
Mapes, Nona Irene
Mapes, Peter B.
McCarron, Roger
McCown, Harry
McIntyre, Rex A.
Morrissey, John
Muck Jr, Jerry
O’Loughlin, Earl
Osgood, Richard
Poland, Marv
Rizzotto, Samuel A
Ropke, Ronald C
Sonderegger, Jacob
Sorter, Ron
Taylor, Gray
Villacrez, Joseph A.
Wales, Michael
White, Mark




Thank you to all our supporters for your generosity.

Please shop local and let these businesses know you learned about them on the Wurtsmith Air Museum’s website.


Ausable Hardware
AuSable River Queen
Clear View Car Wash
Concept Construction
Desi’s Family Dining
Gary Oil
Hart Tire & Automotive Center
Johnson Auto NAPA
Kalitta Air
Lakewood Shores Golf Course
Landmark Title
Life’s A Stitch
Myles & Sons Insurance Agency
Northeast Land Surveys
Oscoda KOA
P & L Development & Manufacturing
Phoenix Flight Services
Party & Food Center  
Smoke Shop & Twisty
Rogers Family Foods
Sunrise Travel Center
Tip-Top Screw Manufacturing
Trans-Auto Glass Co.
Travis Sanitation Service
Wiltse’s Restaurant
Zubek Motors of Oscoda



Bernard Building Center
Colvin’s Plumbing & Heating
Hale Hardware
Wicker Hills Golf Course



Alpena Golf Club
The Design Company (Standish)
Greenbush Golf Course

Green Hills Golf Course (Pinconning)
Huron Breeze Golf Course (Au Gres)
Knoll View Golf Course (Au Gres)
Lil’ Willies (West Branch)
Sunrise Tools (Harrisville)
The Mountain (Ossineke)
Treasures Forever (AuGres)



note –
italicized businesses link to their Website/Facebook page

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