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(1950’s – 1990’s)
The 379th Bomb Wing moved to Wurtsmith Air Force Base in June of 1961. Assuming the equipment, personnel and aircraft of the 4026th Strategic wing as it was disbanded. The 379th Bomb Wing immediately continued the 4026th Strategic Wing operations and training.  During the Pacific conflicts personnel and the KC-135 Stratotankers were deployed to forward bases in the Pacific to support land operations. However, the B-52H aircraft maintained nuclear alert at Wurtsmith Air Force Base. In 1977 the 379th Bomb Wing replaced the B-52H fleet to B-52G aircraft. During the Gulf War B-52s from Wurtsmith Air Force Base were flown out of Prince Abdullah AB in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. These mission were into Iraq. These planes arrived at dawn on the first day of the Gulf War. One crew flew 29 mission out of Jeddah, setting the record for most missions flew by a bomber crew in theater. The 379th flew with a “Triangle K” tail flash to continue the tradition from their World War II counterparts. The 379th Bomb Wing was disbanded on June 30th 1993.

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(1920’s – 1950’s)

Wurtsmith Air Force Base has been an integral part of the United States Air Force from the 1920’s until June1993. The base came to be because of chance. If a banker had not taken Lt. Whitehead on a fishing trip there, there may have not been an Air Force Base in Oscoda Michigan.

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