Current Displays

Uniform with its history documented
Local WWI pilot’s flight manual & dog tags

Norden Bomb Sight
Local pilots’ uniforms and medals
Submarine models & history
Tuskegee Airmen Training in Oscoda
Movie “Fighter Squadron” was filmed here

Korean War:
Letters & artifacts
Coast Guard & Merchant Marine articles
Tank models and info.

Vietnam Era:
Articles and Memorial Wall collections
Military Uniforms & Medals & Patches
Local 4-Star General display

Desert Storm Era: 

Including local squadrons

History of Women in the Military
KC-135 crash information
Kalitta Air history
Ric Mixter “Bombs Away” DVD including his flight on the “Old Crow Express”, the last B-52 to leave WAFB
Wurtsmith Room: historical information/pictures/articles



Planes on Display

Huey Helicopter
SE5a WWI bi-plane (3/4 scale) (being restored)
Two T-33 “Shooting Star” 
L-19 Bird Dog (being restored)
Baker Special
Link Trainer
DC-8 engine & others

Museum History

We are working to document the humble beginnings of the museum.
Please check back for updates.

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